Art Painting Service

Turn your family photo into a masterpiece, or choose from my over 10,000 art collections. Printed or hand-painted. Make your space looks different.

11,733 high-resolution artworks in my collection
Simple terms and conditions

a)   I reserved my rights to accept or reject works. I will recommend the most appropriate size range for any given space and if this range is not agreeable to you, and you insist on a much smaller or larger size that would compromise the outlook, I will not hesitate to point out and reject your work. Do not take offense in such a situation. 
b)   My lead time for production of hand-drawn medium on canvas (oil, acrylic, watercolour, mix etc.) per piece ranges from 1 week to 12 weeks, depending on my schedule and the amount of details or size of artwork.
c)   Lead time for production of printed artwork on canvas typically takes around 1 week to 2 weeks.
d)   For hand-drawn artwork, photo(s) will be provided to you to complete the painting process, if any minor amendment is required before I prep the completed canvas and send it to the art framer for framing work. I can amend it to your satisfaction, but no refund of the deposit will be entertained.
e)   I will collect 50% as a deposit to confirm the work and 50% a day before delivery. 
f)   I will deliver and install the artwork for you without further charges. How I install will be decided by me, I will advise in accordance with what I know, not the other way around. 
g)   In the event that you dislike my work despite all the amendments attempted, artwork will belong to me as the creator, and I shall decide to sell or destroy it, the deposit won't be refunded as art mediums are expensive and 50% barely covers the cost of material, time becomes the sunk cost in such situation.

Chat with me further on the specifics of your project.
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